All capabilities of Google Ads (AdWords)!

We are one of the few agencies that are experienced in all aspects of Google Ads (AdWords).
We run campaigns in the following areas:

How to choose the best type of Ads?

No matter what business you do, we can advertise it using all types of ads – however, not all of them will be equally effective. Because we have extensive experience in this area, we'll always help you choose the most effective types of ads.
Then if you want we can check the effectiveness of other types. For example:


You sell online, so we focus on promoting products and encouraging customers to come back for more purchases. That is why you should start with:

Product and text ads in search engine, so anyone, who is looking for the product you sell, could see your website above the competition.

Remarketing Ads, so the user who leaves your website will be encouraged to return and continue shopping.

Local services?

You provide your services in a limited area, so we'll display ads only in the locations where you can reach and help your customers. Additionally:

Text ads in the search engine containing additional information about the type of services, contact phone, hours you work.

If your services are related to entertainment, we can also display graphic, gmail or YouTube ads to the different users depending on their interests.

Pub? Restaurant?

Also here, we can limit the area on which advertisements will be visible to those locations from which customers will come to you. It can be a city or any area with a selected radius. Also:

Text ad with extensions such as menu, opening hours, address, and informations if you provide additional services such as occasional receptions.

Remarketing ad, so that those who already ate in your place do forgot about it and returned after some time.

Tourist attraction?

Tourists often plan a trip in advance, so it's worth displaying ads for them in a much larger area, like in countries or cities where they live before coming to You

Display, gmail and Youtube ads displayed to people looking for information about tourist attractions in their own languages.

Text ads displayed in foreign languages after entering words such as tourist attractions in…, co zobaczyć w Paryżu, was in Berlin zu sehen and many others on Google.


What about mobile?

Yes – all of the campaigns and ads will be prepared to be displayed and functional on both:
the mobile phone and the computer.


Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram?

Facebook / Instagram are great tools - thanks to them you will surely get many customers, but in a few cases, Google Ads is simply better. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from advertising with Google, Facebook and Instagram at the same time to gain more customers.

What to expect?

Google Ads is an auction system: the one who gets the most points for the quality of the website and the ad content, and also offer the right rate per click will show the ad. Depending on the competitiveness of your industry, the area on which you display the advertisement and of course the quality prices per click can be different.

We will know the exact details only after launching the campaign, but below are some examples of what you can expect:


How much budget do I need a month?

It's up to you, and you can change your decision every month. If you run a small local business, you can start with
+/- 1000 € and after the first month decide whether you want to increase the level of expenses and gain additional clients or whether you can leave it at the same level or even lower it. For online stores, startups and service companies, spending much more money will be profitable because each euro spend on Google Ads will give you more people on yours website.

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