Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns on a Premier level

We belong to the elite group of the best agencies in Poland that hold the title of Google Premier Partner.
This serves as a confirmation that we create top quality campaigns and our competence is continuously verified. It is the highest distinction given by Google to agencies. We had been working for it since 2005.
We were included in a small group of the fastest developing agencies.
We are a Google Rising Star!
Our SEM team consists of 10 specialists, each possessing an individual, annually
renewed Google Ads (AdWords) and Analytics certification.
Regular Google audits enabled us to confirm our skills
in every aspect of Google Ads (AdWords).

What makes up for Google Ads (AdWords) management?

In short: Comprehensive management of a campaign along with analytics and technical support.

Comprehensive service from start to finish

DWe provide a comprehensive service for your company – starting from creating an account up to delivering invoices from Google and monitoring payment.

The full scope of activity

We accept all kinds of advertising targets: search engine advertising, brand advertising campaigns or sales campaigns.

Monitoring and reporting

We provide result monitoring, campaign supervision, detailed monthly reporting as well as on-demand analyses.

Useful analyses

Our specialists can prepare competition analyses and detailed data on the number of queries about products or brands.


We provide constant optimization of rates and keywords,expansion of the keyword base as well as rotational optimization of advertising texts.

No limits

There are no limits in our campaigns. If your company needs it, we can place a nearly unlimited amount of keywords and text, image or video advertisements.

The full scope of possibilities

We offer all types of advertising in Google Ads (AdWords), including remarketing, behavioral advertising and all novelties from mobile campaigns up to advertising on YouTube and Gmail. We use scripts and Google Ads (AdWords) API.

Worldwide campaigns

We create campaigns in all languages and can target them to any place in the world that is available in Google Ads (AdWords).

DevaGroup standard

Clear rules and additional benefits are why clients choose our company.

Dedicated assistant

You will communicate with a dedicated assistant who is always supported by a second certified specialist, new business manager, graphic designer, and full stack developer.

Google Supervision

The campaign can be accessed by Google specialist. They may assess its quality at any given moment, which motivates us to perform even better.

Clear rules

Detailed reports, access to the account and statistics as well as the option to settle accounts directly with Google all ensure transparency of the entire process.

Analytics included

We help to implement Google Analytics and actively draw conclusions from the data it provides. Each of our Google Ads (AdWords) specialists is also a certified Analytics specialist.

All capabilities of Google Ads (AdWords)!

We are one of the few agencies that are experienced in all aspects of Google Ads (AdWords).
We run campaigns in the following areas:

How much does it cost?

With DevaGroup, you decide about the amount of money you spend as the campaign budget can be freely modified.
The entire cost of action comprises of your advertising budget, he cost of our assistance as well as additional services.

You declare how much you want to spend on your Google advertising budget.
Then you transfer the money on the indicated Google bank account or use a credit card.
In this way, it is ensured that the money will go directly to your account.
We are ready to advise you on the budget size.



comprehensive account handling

optimization and reporting

dedicated assistant

We provide comprehensive account handling along with optimization, reporting, implementation of analytics and conversion tracking.

Our commission is 15% of the spent budget but no less than the minimum rate: 220 €/month (without VAT).

The minimum rate covers up to 6 hours of work. The higher the rate, the more time we can devote to the campaign.

from   220 €

(without VAT)


Optional additional services

For even more convenience, we provide full support for services that make it easier to advertise your company.

Optional additional services

For even more convenience, we provide full support for services that make it easier to advertise your company.

Programming work

Full range of technologies and e-commerce system: from integration of conversion codes up to implementation of audit corrections.

45 €

(without VAT)
per hour


Non-standard work and implementation of an advanced configuration of Analytics with Google Tag Manager and a number of enhancements.

45 €

(without VAT)
per hour

Graphic design work

Aesthetically pleasing and effective advertising materials prepared by a graphic designer with experience in running Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns.

advertisement in 9 sizes

89 €

(without VAT)

Worldwide campaigns

We run campaigns in all languages and countries available in Google Ads (AdWords), both for Polish and international clients.

Local advertising in Google Ads (AdWords)

We understand the needs of small, local companies and know how to use a local approach in advertising large retail chains.
This is proven by hundreds of successful campaigns we've had the pleasure to run.

Demanding campaigns

Low budget and high competition? We can do it! We know how to target advertisements to European tourists who are visiting Jakarta, Google Maps users or even passengers on a train. We will also reach your new clients!

We understand your needs

A dedicated assistant will learn about the inner workings of your business in order to advertise it more effectively. We like working with clients. It doesn't matter whether you operate in B2B or B2C. Your marketing will work in human-to-human mode.

New technologies

Local Google queries come mainly from smartphones. We have an excellent understanding of this technology and its users. Our agency sets new trends in mobile campaigns and we are regular presenters at the Mobile Trends Conference. We know how to reach clients in the mobile-first world.



of Google queries come from mobile devices

Local queries are the fastest growing segment of mobile queries

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